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Karin Taylor

Karin Taylor

Lennox Head, NSW


"I hope my paintings take you on little journeys outside the normal everyday sphere of living, into dreamworlds and other realms where imagination can flow unhindered by the troubles and worries and stress…to touch a heart, to spin a dream, to share a thought, a love, a special memory.. these are the things that make life meaningful, it is my hope that my characters reach out and make a special connection with those viewing." Karin Taylor, Australian Artist.

I am a visual artist from Australia. I like drawing on a sketch pad with a mechanical pencil. I generally paint my drawings using a wacom tablet in Photoshop, I also enjoy using mixed media and found objects, love working on brown paper, using gesso (thick white acrylic paint for tooth and texture). I explore the heart of human kindness and my work is an outreach. I depict subjects relating to the kinder traits of humanity, including and focussing on friendship, motherhood, family relationships, sisterhood, and most of my work features the female with large eyes, some would describe parts as being of the pop surrealistic persuasion and others as purely illustrative, whatever genre, i try to appeal to the heart through the eyes, and reach through to the inner child, evoking feelings of nostalgia and childhood bliss, even in adults, there is merit in revisiting the past happiness of days gone by, and sharing those adventures with our children and their children.

Cianna Rose writes "Dear Karin, I adore your work! I love spending time looking through your gallery, there is always so much to see. The whimsy, color, pattern, subject and emotion you bring to your work has never left me anything but purely delighted. Modern in many ways, there is also a scrumptious retro quality in your creations and the way you do eyes....well, one could fall happily into those puppies for quite some time."


blossom buddies by Karin Taylor


elephant confection by Karin Taylor


Birds of Blue by Karin Taylor


Birds of Paradise by Karin Taylor


The Billabong by Karin Taylor


Love and Friendship by Karin Taylor


Garden Party by Karin Taylor


three wise owls by Karin Taylor


Love is a way of living by Karin Taylor


upside down elephants by Karin Taylor


you're on my heart by Karin Taylor


dolphin paradise by Karin Taylor


There's an Elephant in my Garden by Karin Taylor


Summer Days are Golden by Karin Taylor


baby elephant by Karin Taylor


Sweethearts by Karin Taylor


Forever Friends by Karin Taylor


Beachcombers by Karin Taylor


vintage tie dye elephants by Karin Taylor


the love bird by Karin Taylor


Vintage Elephant by Karin Taylor


Stop and Smell the Flowers by Karin Taylor


three little night owls by Karin Taylor


I love you by Karin Taylor


little blue bird by Karin Taylor